Super Photo Ticket

We hope you’ll enjoy the great racing and fantastic ambiance of racing’s most famous street circuit. And, to assure a safe, enjoyable weekend for all, please note the following Super Photo Ticket rules:

  • Ticket does NOT include a reserved seat in designated grandstand.
  • Pass good at all four Super Photo locations and Pit Lane Area at specified times.
  • Video recording and cine photography is PROHIBITED in restricted areas.
  • Not good for any media photo areas including trackside.
  • No minors please.
  • Time limit of 30 minutes per person per location will be enforced. You’re free to rotate from location to location while still observing the thirty-minute limitation.
  • Must have a camera to gain access to the photo locations.
  • Signing of Waiver Release and obtaining a wristband is REQUIRED at Pit Gate prior to first entry into Pit Lane.
  • No drones/RC aircraft allowed on premises.
  • The credential holder is required to leave the pits, photo locations or any restricted area upon request of authorized personnel.
  • The Super Photo Ticket credential constitutes a revocable license.

Super Photo Locations

Super Photo Locations are designated at the following locations on the circuit map (NOTE: Pit Lane wristband not required for entry into the four Super Photo Locations):

  • Turn 1 (at the “Roller Coaster” bridge, shown below left) — A shared location with media covering the event, the Turn 1 bridge offers a look straight down the high-speed Shoreline Drive as the cars gear down for the hard left-hand Acura Turn. Located on the bridge span across Shoreline Drive. Access via stairwell near Aquarium parking garage.
  • Turn 6 — At the end of the short chute running from Turn 5 to Turn 6. Elevated photo stand located drivers’ right in Turn 6. Access near base of LiUNA bridge.
  • Turn 8 — On the inside of the turn as the cars brake for a right-hand turn onto Seaside Way. Located in a secured area, drivers’ right, in Turn 8. Access from ground level in front of Pine Ave. parking garage.
  • Turn 11 — Outside of the turn, as the cars brake hard and set up to enter high-speed Shoreline Drive or enter the Pits. Elevated photo stand located drivers’ left. Access from south side of the track.

The following are not permitted in Super Photo locations:

  • alcoholic beverages
  • ladders/step stools
  • glass bottles/cans
  • bikes/skateboards
  • stadium seats/folding chairs
  • skates/roller blades
  • large umbrellas
  • pets
  • lawn furniture
  • fireworks
  • ice chests larger than 14″
  • drones/RC aircraft
  • powered scooters
  • smoking/vaping

Personal video cameras for NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY are permitted in unrestricted areas. Not responsible for lost or stolen tickets or Vision Board failures.

Super Photo tickets do not include a reserved seat. Everyone, regardless of age, must have a grandstand ticket for grandstand seating. For parking and ticket information, call the race ticket office at 888-827-7333.