Long Beach Grand Prix Tickets

Super Photo Ticket

We hope you’ll enjoy the great racing and fantastic ambiance of racing’s most famous street circuit. And, to assure a safe, enjoyable weekend for all, please note the following Super Photo Ticket rules:

  • Ticket does NOT include a reserved seat in designated grandstand.
  • Pass good at all four Super Photo locations and Pit Lane Area at specified times.
  • Video recording and cine photography is PROHIBITED in restricted areas.
  • Not good for trackside photo areas.
  • Time limit of 30 minutes per person per location will be nforced. This will afford each pass holder the opportunity to take advantage of the excellent photo opportunities available in each of our four designated areas. You’re free to rotate from location to location while still observing the thirty-minute imitation.
  • Must have a camera to gain access to the photo locations.
  • Pit access clothing requirements: no shorts or open-toed shoes allowed.
  • Signing of Waiver Release is REQUIRED at Pit Gate prior to Pit ane entry.
  • No drones/RC aircraft allowed on premises.
  • The Super Photo Ticket credential constitutes a revocable license.
  • The credential holder is required to leave the pits, photo locations or any estricted area upon request of authorized personnel.

Super Photo Locations

Super Photo Locations are designated at the following locations on the circuit map:

  • Turn 1 (at the “Roller Coaster” bridge, shown below) — A shared location with media covering the event, the Turn 1 bridge offers a look straight down the high-speed Shoreline Drive as the cars gear down for the hard left-hand Toyota Turn. Located on the bridge span across Shoreline Drive. Access via stairwell near Aquarium parking garage.
  • Turn 6 — At the end of the short chute running from Turn 5 to Turn 6. Elevated photo stand located drivers’ right in Turn 6. Access near base of Tecate bridge.
  • Turn 8 — On the inside of the turn as the cars brake for a right-hand turn onto Seaside Way. Located in a secured area, drivers’ right, in Turn 8. Access from ground level in front of Pine Ave. parking garage.
  • Turn 11 — Outside of the turn, as the cars brake hard and set up to enter high-speed Shoreline Drive or enter the Pits. Elevated photo stand located drivers’ left. Access from south side of the track.
Long Beach Grand Prix Super Photo
Long Beach Grand Prix Super Photo Locations

The following are not permitted in super photo locations:

  • alcoholic beverages
  • ladders/step stools
  • glass bottles/cans
  • bikes/skateboards
  • stadium seats/folding chairs
  • skates/roller blades
  • large umbrellas
  • pets
  • lawn furniture
  • fireworks
  • ice chests larger than 14″
  • drones/RC aircraft
  • smoking/vaping

Personal video cameras for NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY are permitted in unrestricted areas. Not responsible for lost or stolen tickets or Vision Board failures.

General Admission tickets do not include a reserved seat. Everyone, regardless of age, must have a grandstand ticket for grandstand seating. For parking and ticket information, call the race ticket office at 888-827-7333.